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Our aim is to provide important information, clan recruitment, guides, party finding, and more all in one convenient location for Diablo: Immortal. The release date has yet to be announced, but we are working on getting a community started so we will all be ready when it drops.

We play other games such as Diablo 2 LoD, Diablo 3, and more Blizzard games too. If you’re interesting in helping out just let me know, we could certainly use even more passionate individuals for our team! Thanks for your time and we hope to see you on Discord!

p.s. we have an idlerpg and fishy too!


Diablo immortal is and will be crap and that’s funny according to the Diablo 2 end user licensing agreement discord is a violation


Join our Discord and we can talk about it. :wink:


How does it violate Battle.nets EULA?


Go read the Eula and find out for your self


Do I read the Diablo II EULA like you said above? Because that would be very difficult because D2 doesn’t have an EULA. It has a Game License, Bnet has the EULA, and neither one mention Discord. Using social media as a D2 community isn’t a violation. If it was Glyph’s post would have been removed.


Yes, having an account on Facebook or whatever and an E-mail address is also in violation of the EULA by your logic lmao

It’s literally just a chat/communication platform

If you however mean those “discord gold” bots for trading some people tried to make, yeah that would be a violation.

  1. Prohibited Commercial Uses: Exploit, in its entirety or individual components, the Platform for any purpose not expressly authorized by Blizzard, including, without limitation (i) playing the Game(s) at commercial establishments (subject to Section 1.B.v.3.); (ii) gathering in-game currency, items, or resources for sale outside of the Platform or the Game(s); (iii) performing in-game services including, without limitation, account boosting or power-leveling, in exchange for payment; (iv) communicating or facilitating (by text, live audio communications, or otherwise) any commercial advertisement, solicitation or offer through or within the Platform; or (v) organizing, promoting, facilitating, or participating in any event involving wagering on the outcome, or any other aspect of, Blizzard’s Games, whether or not such conduct constitutes gambling under the laws of any applicable jurisdiction, without authorization. Says it right here


Discord is not a violation, very specific activities performed on the site are. Huge difference.


What does any of those have to do with discord?

Discord is a chat app, it’s basically IRC but with voice chat.


Wow it’s right there in your face and you can’t figure it out discord is a exploit that is not allowed because blizzard can’t monitor people on discord and all it takes is somebody to say oh I’ll PayPal you for that item or I’ll give you FG for that item that’s why those third-party chat sites are not allowed you are only allowed to communicate on the platform battle net while using the platform battle net you guys want to use those third-party websites then go play on a private server This discussion is muted there is nothing to talk about anymore if you morons can’t figure it out then I’ll laugh when you’re crying to blizzard when Thay Ban you this discussion is muted there is nothing to talk about anymore


According to your understanding of the EULA we are not allowed to have or use a phone if we have a Bnet account.

You only play single player, right?


Sure, I can also just phonecall someone and say the same stuff. Or say it on skype, or whatever.

Your logic makes absolutely no sense. Unless you want to put cameras in your home and wiretap all your phones so that Blizzard can monitor all your communication, you might as well ban yourself now, filthy exploiter.

By the way… Hey Blizzard! I use Discord, IRC, TeamSpeak, Steam Chat, Facebook, What’sapp, Telegram… Ban me!



Rhykker posted some more information about immortal a couple days ago, strong thoughts of maybe a release date at blizzcon coming up. Really hoping to see some Diablo 2 announcements.

Perhaps would like to see some mobile view improvements on the forums here too.


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NO ONE PLAYS GAMES ON PHONES, glyph! Blizzards costumers have already stated they do not want a blizzard game on a phone.


It’s the largest entertainment industry on the planet, worth well over 100 billion a year.


Nice to meet you, I’m no one.