Falsely banned for cheating Overwatch, 6 Years of playtime

Hello guys, i’m not sure how often these threads get opened but, i need your help. Blizzard has decided that I am cheating without any actual proof besides spam reports. I was playing overwatch religiously during its first 3 years and reached t500 at many points throughout that time. I play DPS Hitscans mostly widowmaker mcree etc, and i just recently returned this month to overwatch after a year or so of not playing. As it turns out, the rank decay placed met at plat 5, i quickly went trough and reached masters 2 at the time of the ban. Obviously, i was falsely reported multiple times throughout by the enemy team as my skill level is obviously greater than plat / diamond range, and they assumed the worst despite my public profile and playtime.

I have screenshots of the E-mail and my support ticket being marked as resolved.
I have full footage of the game i was banned in and games i played troughout the day. They are uploaded on my youtube.
Initially i assumed it was a third party software falseflag but now i realize that I was hackusated often as i climbed and have been a victim to spam reports. I’ve only seen high profile players be unbanned for similar threads and I was hoping i could get help since i don’t want to lose years of my playtime on overwatch simply due to this situation.

Game master Frostfenic simply told me there was nothing i can do about it and obviously they wont show me any evidence. If anybody could please help me not lose my overwatch account to this situation or any advice because the appeal process was clearly not done properly.


Same, 3 of my friends got banned as well for no reason.

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How can this be fixed i was falsely banned for using a 3-rd party program but I never did and blizzard doesnt help all i get is a bot that tells me im not getting unbanned.

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Bump. This is happening again. Have also been playing the game for the past 7 years. Even spent money on skins. Why would I waste all that and cheat now? Makes no sense. I just have to assume I was mass reported, which wouldn’t surprise me knowing the overwatch community, or the anti-cheat picked up something running on my PC, nothing of which should be new or affect OW in anyway.