False price in Blizzard store (UAH)

Greetings, Blizzard!
Why is the price in your store not true?
Your store says: “Any applicable VAT included.”
The price in the store 6-month WOW subscription is now constantly 1499 UAH.
But in fact the price is getting higher every day.
Why is more money being withdrawn from my bank account? Is this the real price?
I tried to pay a few days ago, the real price was UAH 1,642.31.
A few days before that the price was UAH 1607.
Today the real price is more UAH 1,670.
When next billing date comes, will I pay UAH 1,700 or UAH 1,800 or more?
Why is the real price so volatile and why does it not match the price in your store?
Why in other stores, such as Epic Games Store, prices in UAH are real?
The price there is in UAH.
I pay in UAH.
I have as much UAH deducted from my bank account as it is written on the price tag.
Why isn’t it the same in your store?
Please give me answers.

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