False Ban on Overwatch

So yesterday I got banned for verbal abuse cause I got matched up with the same 2 premades 4 games in a row and I kept wrecking them as widow and they thought I was cheating so they started reporting me game after game and today I wake up I go to look at my emails and I see that I have been banned for “hacks” even though I have never used any kind of hack or exploit of any kind. And the worst part of all is I can’t even appeal that cause they said that after careful very careful review of my account they saw evidence and banned me even though there’s none. So I’m posting this here so that it can get more views and probably make blizzard take a look at their ban system and ban appeals.

Hey XitrA,

The only route for appeals is the ticket system. If multiple reviews (which are performed by a different investigator each time) all have arrived at the same conclusion, the matter is then considered closed. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more that can be done after that.

I got banned for “Abusive Chat” I am worried if they even will care/look at ban appeals. I really want to be unbanned too, ):