False Ban on Overwatch

So yesterday I got banned for verbal abuse cause I got matched up with the same 2 premades 4 games in a row and I kept wrecking them as widow and they thought I was cheating so they started reporting me game after game and today I wake up I go to look at my emails and I see that I have been banned for “hacks” even though I have never used any kind of hack or exploit of any kind. And the worst part of all is I can’t even appeal that cause they said that after careful very careful review of my account they saw evidence and banned me even though there’s none. So I’m posting this here so that it can get more views and probably make blizzard take a look at their ban system and ban appeals.

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Hey XitrA,

The only route for appeals is the ticket system. If multiple reviews (which are performed by a different investigator each time) all have arrived at the same conclusion, the matter is then considered closed. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more that can be done after that.

I got banned for “Abusive Chat” I am worried if they even will care/look at ban appeals. I really want to be unbanned too, ):


The employes of Blizzard does not understand this issue and therefore can’t do anything about it. This company knows how to steal your money and that my friend is true empiric evidence. Without any evidence they ban your account (based on numbers of reports from players). It’s hilarious how stupid this algorithm is and how the employers of blizzard does not understand WHY its bad and wrong.

I will give one example to simplyfi and try make Blizzard employee to understand the issue.

In a football game you have something called a referee, he is looking at the game while it happends. Sometimes the referee get’s confused so he calls for aid and the camera-footage (of live data) is shown to help making the correct decision. Offcourse there are mistakes, but the percentage is low.

In Overwatch you have the players acting referees.
And here is the fundament of the problem you describe.
If Blizzard team and Moderators can’t understand this, you can’t do anything about it but laugh out loud. It’s like the jokers are running the castle.

In Blizzworld Zlatan is banned if he starts out in serie D.
In Blizzworld Joan of Arc is burned and history repeats itself.

Remember Blizzard are humans aswell, sadly not so smart but still humans and humans makes mistakes, over and over.



Hey MVP - Technical Support Leviathan.

If the only route is the wrong one, how are you ever going to do the right correction to any matter?

I will explain this and because you are MVP you will understand.
The multiple reviewers are investigating the numbers of reports and the containing text. So the “investigation” only consist of “evidence” that’s text from players playing the game they probably lost. So when these investigators look at these reports they actually have nothing but text from players.

Just play a premade game with your friends (5) and make sure the lonley one gets 5 reports from each of you the player was toxic or sabotaging the game.

Then these investigators will look so smart reading these findings and taking the same messurements, GUILTY! This player has to be silenced and banned! We can not allow such bad behavior.

This Lev is going on in large scale on your community.
You do nothing to adress it.
And as you write, “Unfortunately, ther’es nothing more that can be done after that”. So every not guilty (and i know we are many) get’s punished for nothing, just for beeing a little bit of different inside the games. As long as you MAINSTREAM in Blizzard you survive, but when you go creative or freely, you get punished and sacrificed on the altar of society.

So Leviathan, give this feedback to your supervisors.
Think of any SPORT in this world where the players (I’m just laughing) was acting the referees / Judges. Stop this insanity.

Just stop and let players play and focus on banning the cheaters.
Leave the ones with temperament alone, leave the ones with bad spelling alone, leave the ones with ADHD alone and punish the cheaters destroying your game.


Everything that a player chats in the game is saved. So if someone is reported for inappropriate chat, Bliz can go back and rewiew the chat logs. If Bliz finds a violation in the chat logs, they will act. If they do not, they won’t. So no, it doesn’t matter how many people report or what they say in the reports.

As for cheating/hacking, Bliz uses monitoring software to watch for hacking apps running concurrently with the games. If it finds any, it sends the information to Bliz where they then take steps to confirm it. If a hacking app is confirmed, they act. If not, they don’t. Again, it doesn’t matter how many people report or what they say in the reports.

So no, Vindictive, there’s no players acting as judges or referees. Account punishments are all based off what’s verifiable by interal logs.

None of those are cause for punishment by themselves. However, if any of them violate the rules, they can be actioned just like everyone else.

A final note: MVPs are not Blizzard employees.

Thanks for the response Leviathan!

You are correct and I know Blizzard saves every chat.
I filed GDPR- to try it out, and it contains my chat.

But you don’t seem to understand the issue, Or my english aint good enough to adress the problem.

It’s only the ones beeing reported in numbers that are beeing investigated.
So if me and YYYY ends up in a battle, both equally meaningless, but YYYY is playing with friends so the numbers adds upp and me, getting the attention.

So i get “monitored” by reviews, but YYYY does not.
I get punished for some usless words meaning nothing, but YYYY get’s away.

When sabotageing gameplay you need to look at the records, the replays.


Leave the ones with temperament alone, leave the ones with bad spelling alone, leave the ones with ADHD alone.

None of those are cause for punishment by themselves. However, if any of them violate the rules, they can be actioned just like everyone else."

How do I show my condition of Tourettes Syndrome?
How do I show my condition with ADHD?
You actually say they are not cause for punishment, well how can you tell, I’d say the opposite. They are. And as long as there will be bad WORDS in this WORLD you or noone can CONTROL it. Just hide it. Let the ones who do not want to see the reality and hide it. And we all who actually can Live with the reality, and embrace the reality to continue living the real world and not some made up fantasy.

I know Blizz is using AC and I’m really happy about them catching a few now and then, But There can be so much more done. But money rules so this is just a dream.

So yes, the players are acting referees since the internal logs are from the players. Don’t you get it? Yes they verify it with internal logs but they do not look at the gameplay. They only look at the logs and make them accountable. You need to look at the gameplay to understand why certain words are used.

I hope you heard of context? This is it.
You need something in context to the words to make it real.
I mean, take any medical tryout as en example, you also need to verify the result with the patient, not just look at the LOGS saying it’s OK.

Man wake up and add the real evidence, now you are acting judges without evidence and that is not OK in any world man.

Offcourse it matters how many people.
You look at the ones having most numbers of reports.
You read the logs and you execute the banned account.
Based on text.

Look at the game, add the reality.
Look at football, do the players have the oppurtunity to all go in and say “Hey this dude is not NICE, i don’t wanna face him” just because they say it?

This dude says a few dirty words, but the others also says dirty words, but they dont show becuase the spotlight is on the numbers.
Stop protecting a bad system man and start realizing you getting good feedback on something you need to fix.


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More reports can get it reviewed sooner, yes, but all reports are reviewed eventually. So no one should be getting away with anything.

This one is harder to monitor. Replays are saved locally so there’s nothing on Bliz’s end to look at. It’s possible that players could provide replays as part of the reports, but I don’t know if Bliz would accept them as evidence.

But it’s Bliz that decides whether or not to punish someone. Even if 100 people reported me for profanity, Bliz will only punish me if I actually broke the rules.

That is not the case. The chat rules apply no matter what the situation is.

It’s already been explained. They have evidence, and it doesn’t matter what the context is. No matter what’s happening in a game, players aren’t allowed to break the chat rules.

I will try one last time to explain.

All this, and every word is going nowhere.
I really try to explain a hardcore, malfunction going on in your system.

You can not, and will never ever control players what they say or what they write.
Blizzard rules are breaking the First Amendment concerning the freedom of speech. It’s not up to Blizzard to act police. Blizzard should do what they once did, great game for gamers. Make a game that’s available for everyone.

If you as a player you do not wanna see whats beeing written, just add a filter like every company do.

I´ve been suporting blizzard since the 90´s.
Now I don´t because blizzard do not understand that games should be made for free radicals, not the same digits, a portmanteau.

I know you call half of the experiene as the evidence but the inner you know thats not the case. You need so many angles to make real judgements, and thats why you need to stop doing these bad judgements based on 1 small thing, a texfile containing words.

And Blizzard should not do anything about players chatting, the players should adress the filter themself. Like this person annoys me, im gonna silence that player. Done.

And all would be fine. But, since you dont get it, hmm this problem will continue and Blizzard will get smaller because this is, a huge issue.

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This is a common misunderstanding of Freedom of Speech.

The 1st Amendment prevents only the government from restricting speech. However, it does not prevent private business or individuals from restricting speech. And because the forums and games are privately owned by Blizzard, they can legally restrict what their customers can say.

Bliz already has filters in many places in their games and forums. However, players change the spelling of inappropriate words to bypass the filter. Filters will never work 100%; therefore, Bliz does need to intervene to prevent inappropriate chat.

I’m sorry that you don’t like how the system works. But when it comes to chat, there’s no need for angles or context. Either the chat violates the chat rules or it doesn’t.

There is no common misunderstanding for Fredoom of Speech.
Now read what you wrote: “They can legally restrict what their custumers can say”.

Do you think this is a nice culture? Sick world man that you are building and beeing a part of.
Thats why the first amendment and freedom of speech exist, to be a good example, a guideline.

You are walking the wrong path and I can give you thousands of forums in your community adressing this issue in different patterns and sayings.

This is like the blind (you) are beeing led by another blind (blizzard).
No, Blizzard is not using filter in Overwatch competetive for example.

If I walk the street I, myself can choose to listen or not listen to what the people on street are saying. In this blizzworld you created somone that tells me what I Can say and not and judge me if it aint the words you want me to say.

You are using same methods as some of our sickest leaders have used in our past history (Hitler and Paul Pot).

If you dont understand there are several educational books regarding this matter, specially in psychology and teambuilding.

If you want I can adress you the books.
And for history I think you can noogle it for free.

Activate the power to silence other players in overwatch.
Activate the power to mute other players in overwatch.

And dismantle the reporting system you are using.
Dont even use it, let your system catch the cheaters and for AFK (you already have a solution implemented).

Thats it and everything will be fine.
The honor-system is also abused and is not working, ive meet so many high honored that are real jerks and toxic in voice its hilarious how fake everything is.

I dont care them beeing toxic, but the system is a failure because the system tells me they should be nice and teambuilding.

You opend up the blame-game (We closed your account but you can buy new account) and yeah its generating money in short term, but for beeing a good and suistainable company you loose more money and users because you will need to invent these short-terms moneyboosts over and over and finally you will drop down and lose this stupid game you play.


The chat rules have been in place since day one, meaning people have been getting suspended and banned just as long. Blizzard is still going strong at the top of the gaming industry. Therefore, your ominous assertions about what will happen if they don’t change are both obviously and objectively false.

I’m not sure what that means. Overwatch has a language filter option just like the rest of the games.

Yes there is, a lot. And just like the many I have seen attempt to make the same argument, you have demonstrated the same misunderstanding here.

I’m not going to argue with you about what speech the 1st Amendment protects and what speech it doesn’t protect. Suffice to say, it does not protect all speech. In the same way that a children’s school, or a doctor’s office, or a church, or a homeowner can restrict what you say when on their property, so can Blizzard when you are on theirs.

Ok, I have to agree to disagree.

We will not get any further, as i really tried to explain.
You do not read the sentence or do not understand the points.

I do not want to lecture you in Blizzard history, chat Rules has been in place since day one, but in Warcraft 1994 and Diablo 1996 you had something called freedom and you as player where not witch-hunted and sacrificed for saying the wrong words. You could still play and continue to be you and speak freely.

The restrictions I talk about was invented somewhere in 2007-2008.
You are too deep to see it. Try the Heli-veiw for a few weeks. The screw and nut aint good for too long.

My mistake on using the filter-word, you are a technican and It was my mistake filter. Give players the power to mute/hide/silence other players in chat and voice.

This will solve the most common problems you are having in many of your games. You can not with your employes be sufficient and effective enough to maintain a justice work. You are not enough and your AI is not good enough yet.

And for freedom of speech you totaly picked the wrong line/text to focus.
Look down 3-4 rows and thats it.

Do YOU think this is a nice culture (To legally restrict what their custumers can say?)

And now my Most Valuble Player, i tell you farewell and best of skill not luck.


Yes, because there are children who play these games. You of course know that, and it’s unbelievable that you still think you should be able to say what ever you want.

Ok, I know Blizzard do not allow children to create accounts.
.7 at blizzard-entertainment-online-privacy-policy

Beside that I still think you should not hide the real world, I think you should let the players decide to show it or not. Its not your decision to make, its theirs or their parents.

You try to create a world that do not exist, and that is why you have 1.3 on trustpilot. That was my first noogle, 1.3 of 5. That my Leviathan is not MVP.

Try not to control everything and you will see us, the user flourish once again, and perhaps many users beeing toxic will learn and start behave better, because its theirs and not your decision to make.


Wrong - it is automated