'failed to join' on one character ( Diablo II )

about 36 hours ago one of my characters had a “failed to join” problem. This occured when creating and joining games.
However, on other characters ( on that account, and on another account that i play ), i can create and join games normally.

As far as i know, this means that the server thinks that my ‘bugged’ character is still inside a game.
Since it was a rather new char, i decided to delete it (today), and just make a new one, because i really want to use the same char name. This did not solve the issue - apparently the server still thinks that the character is in a game.

Is it possible that you manually do something to ‘unstuck’ my char? That would be a great help, since waiting did not solve the issue so far, and I would really like to play this weekend. Thanks in advance!

Acc Name: Zelakin
Char name: EF-SvS
Server: Europe (softcore ladder)

When you tried to create the new character using the same name, you should have seen a message saying there is already another character with the same name in the realm.

There is a waiting period. The names can’t be used again for 7 days.

The ‘failed to join’ in your case is usually a stuck character. The sever usually fixes it, but it can take 24 hours or more.

Now, that it’s deleted, you’ll need to wait 7 days to use the name again.

That’s the latest information I’ve read about here for the past few years anyway. Let us know what happens for future reference.

I’ve never heard of the 7 day ‘rule’. All i can say is that I was able to create a character with the exact same name.
What’s interesting to me is that the new character does not appear on the ladder list. The ranking still shows my level 3 sorc (with that name). So now i know for sure that it has to be some server issue.

The issue appeared about 40 hours ago. I also thought that it would be fine after ~24hours, but after nothing changed, i tried to delete and recreate the new char.

Sounds like very messed up servers to me too. There is a Europe Classic Games Tech Support forum. Maybe post something there too:

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