Faction System and Faction Change

In advance, sorry for my bad english it’s not my first language.

Some people joined the shadow faction without noticing that they can’t get out until the cycle ends. Even tutorial quest makes things worse - they mindlessly go back to shadow faction because tutorial quest says to join the shadow faction.

Please make something to let them get out of shadow faction and go back to neutral adventurer. I got several messages from players who want to join the immortal clan, but this stupid system makes everyone annoyed.

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You are right. Nobody knew that they could not be recruited into the Immortal’s if they had become Shadows again. Only good thing is that a lot of the more powerful players who became Shadows again won’t be able to guard the Vault, leaving less powerful players being recruited to guard the Vault.

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Literally everyone I know is annoyed about this. We had many people wanting to join the immortals so their clan leader forced them all into shadows to prevent them leaving.