EVERY dungeon crashes after 16th Jan patch

Game keeps crashing in dungeons after 16th Jan patch. Mobile, S22 ultra, it was all good so far, only a few crashes every once in a while. Tried: repairing client, deleting cache AND game data, reinstalling the game. Nothing works, very frustrating. Game only crashes in assembly hall when I open blessings rewards and upon loading every !!! dungeon. Other players also reported this in chat. Please do something. This is not why I have spent much on this game… :frowning:

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Have the exact same problem. Samsung S22 ultra. Makes dungeon farming really annoying and inefficient now…

Same problem. Samsung s22+. It happens at the start of every dungeon before cinematic (also why we cant turn cinematics OFF in settings?)

Blizzard replied to me today stating that they cannot resolve the issue. Thanks for nothing, after having spent a grand on this game… :frowning:

Same, Samsung S22+, Exynos core. Also have crashes in assembly like Mephizto.

Demand a refund of your money if they can’t correct the problem.

Same issue on S22+ Exynos. I believe it is related to the entrance cinematics. If those load, the game continues without crashing and you can re-enter the same dungeon right away.

As mentioned by others, clearing cache, clearing data, repairing the client and reinstalling do not help, so don’t bother :slight_smile:

Same problem with Galaxy S20 5G …

Same with S22 Ultra …

At least the update contained drop rate nerfs and bugs. Pretty typical for this game so far.