Event Recruit a Friend. Rewards are not claimable

Hello Community, Hello Blizzard and their Support Team,

Until Nov 11th, i recruited 3 friends per code as shown me in the event window. They don‘t reached the lvl 60.

Last week my first friend reached LVL 60 and i couldn‘t claim any further rewards. The Event window show me the same lvls since Nov 11.

In the Event overviev —> Event Rules is written down: „Tasks can be completed and rewards earned until December 6. 2022.“

Since the Last Diablo Immortal Patch my Friends are not longer shown. (I ‚ve tooked screenshots before and after that Patch).

If this is a bug, why i canˋt find some statement from Blizzard Support about this topic?

I would realy appreciated if there is a opportunity to get the rewards.

Many thanks!

Same here, obviously it is a bug, I can’t get the rewards when the task is completed