Evade does not put you in hit recovery, contrary to what the wikis state

most d2 wikis should be burned down at this point anyway, probably at least 50% of all the claims they make are either outdated or just straight up false, and must have been false ever since it was written

this challenge i made forced me to level evade to max, the last dodge skill that evades both melee and missiles while running. so i had a lot time to experience how bad it feels getting struck by many things while moving in. i coupled it with jab just to see that, when running in to attack. but, it does not stop you at all. amazon just makes her “hooh!” sound and keeps moving. i can run away from speedy melee monsters that catch up with me without taking damage, or run out while surrounded taking little to no damage, run into crowded rooms past enemies that would otherwise get a free hit on you etc. i had a lot of fun soloing baal running back and forth dodging his frost and flaming novas. i could run as soon as he did his tentacle attack and dodge it where others would have probably been put in hit recovery. evade is sick. you pretty much got half a chance to dodge anything while moving at level 10, from there the leveling is poor ofc. but since im forced to max it, i will have 56% dodge chance at level 20. 6% extra wont hurt, it can probably reach 60% with some extra skills. hows that sound? 60% chance to escape from anything striking or spelling at you while you coward around freely. no recovery

this would also affect valkyrie in case you just gonna bow or javelin around in the background. you would not have to worry about whether or not she can even reach her target without dying by some crazy mob blasting missiles everywhere

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You are the Richard Feynman of Diablo II strategies. :hugs:

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There’s only one official strategy guide the arreat summit

this is whats written on arreat summit about the skill. i would not trust any site at this point and rather try it out myself

" Evade Lock
The skill when successful will lock you in a dodging motion. This has the potential to stop you in your tracks when you are trying to run away. If monsters hit you while you are stopped you may die."

" * Evade lock was a problem prior to v1.09, when Amazons would sometimes get stuck in the Evade animation and be unable to run away from a ranged attack. This was most often seen with Diablo’s pink flamethrower attack. The bug was corrected in v1.09."

https: //diablo2. diablowiki. net/Main_Page

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Hit recovery and evade are two different things.

fair enough. i even tested it on a cheat character, it did get treated like the other dodges with playing animations. but that still means all the wikis about it are outdated, like they are on many other skills and items. many players still believe the info written on there today and take their word for it, i did too. it keeps you from trying viable skills. most of them turns out to work just fine. they can be bugged still, like inferno, but in practice they work. inferno would have been op if it did the correct damage. but then most popular sorc builds are like that. maybe the sorcs got pissed that it did not work just as well soloing on p8. still, it works like it should if you play the game the way it was intended

you can call recovering from dodge a hit recovery. its not wrong to call it that, because increased hit recovery makes animations on evading skills play out faster

You still can’t use charged strike while dodging, or blocking.

If you want the fastest possible (but squishiest) Amazon then you put 0 points in any of the dodges and don’t wear a shield.

Not recommended for hardcore

Also you need a large hp pool so when you get hit it’s less than 12% of your total hp therefor not triggering the hit recovery.

Or just stack faster hit recovery charms

You can call the sky green, still doesn’t make it green. Hit recovery is speed % recovering from hits. Dodge, Avoid and Evade are prevention % from being hit.
Both defensive but very different.

Only put one point on them.

it works fine with brandistock imo. has the same reach as the spetum and pike, it outreaches most monsters, and also has fast attack. when you do hit and run with the brandistock, most monsters closing in to attack you as you move will attack you while evade is active, i found that super effective. especially the beefy monsters that normally hit really hard suffers from this the most. i really like that weapon when playing zeal paladin too, if i want to use two handed

unless you want to do it differently. it can work maxing it too. if you can survive on hardcore and complete the game, then your build works. there is no right way besides that. in the end if it works for someone, and they like it, you dont have to question if the build works. unless they claim it is the right way, which you are kind of doing now

well i wrote “put in hit recovery”, i did not refer to the attribute itself. though even if i did, i am not talking about dodge as a skill, im talking about the animation, which is affected by hit recovery. the game treats it like that. so it is a hit recovery, you recover from a hit. its no different from saying when you get struck, you were put in hit recovery. i have seen people write that, and i know what they mean, and i think that matters the most. i dont see anything wrong with it, either from game perspective or gramatically. now, we could discuss some other things the d2 community has said, that is doubtless confusing to understand… my fav is an old necro guide calling the hierophant trophy homunculus as homonucls. its thoughtprovoking

Welcome to Diablo 2. You don’t know anything now but if you keep at it and keep making silly mistakes that’ll eventually allow you to figure it out.