Essence Transfer (Shield) Necromancer

Same issue necromancer, unable to change shield essence, shows pyre allure but different skill description.

Same issue with bloodrime server after the major upgrade today.

Paragon 53 Necro. Can’t extract or inherit essence for the shield. Im stucked

Same issue on Eu Throne of destruction server. Unable to see and extract or transfer essences for any Necro shields and since update unable to equip any Pyres Allure legendary shield, no matter how you position them in invntory since update there is no option to equip PYRES ALLURE leg shield, unable to use new best in slot pickup or transfer. Needs to be fixed ASAP Please.

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I have this same, and every necro in my guild also… what a shame blizz you get so much money from people and so many bugs in this game, and now that BIG one after update. shame, shame, shame

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Same issue here but I’m not optimistic

Also a necro here, and also see Burning Pyre. However, my entire “off-hand” slot is COMEPLETELY broken.

I am unable to extract/inherit essences for my off-hand shields – I’m not even able to scroll up or down the menu in the “off-hand” section of the Extract/Inherit Essence page!

This problem started when I was rewarded with a legendary shield from turning in my 10 monster essences at the bestiary in the Frozen Tundra. I was unable to equip the shield (the UI on the bottom of the item inventory screen was missing.) Further, when linking the item to the public chats, and when other plays click on the item link, they see the bugged item. Moreover, they are unable to remove the bugged item from their screen (because there is no exit UI button) unless they completely restarted the game (logging out and logging back in doesn’t help).


Same here. The entire inherited essence list for the off-hand is gone

Me too, same issue here, it is a
serious bug… we can’t play!

Same problem here with everyone here.

I’m from the Gillian server.

Same issue on verathiel :frowning:

Same issue on Enigma :frowning: couldnt use the skills we want is a real bummer

Yep, Pyre’s Allure description in the Extract section shows info for a Crusader’s Conjuration of Light. I’m on the Plains of Despair server. The game literally does nothing when i click the inherit button to change off-hand essence.

Same essence transfer extract bug for Necromancer Shield with the latest update - only have three options and one of them is for a different class too.

I have the same issue.
When transferring essence for my necromancer’s offhand, screen goes black.

This bug also affects viewing the list of essence for necro’s offhand, you can’t even scroll through the list.

This also affects the description within the skill info (when you equip a skill with an essence).

Hi. Same exact issue as described. Can no longer essence transfer or do anything on the shield for necromancer.

Also did a Repair Client and multiple restarts - playing on iPad. No effect.

Please help!

same here the essence extraction but also can’t see the stats of a sheild :(, tested on pc and mobile is the same

Same issue here, play Necro but have never changed class. Extracting from Shield is locked, can’t scroll.

Worst of all is that I can’t change essence on my shield at all.

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Essence of Pyke’s Allure shield for necromancer is showing the wrong property and cannot be extracted

I just had this bug happen to me as well. Pyre’s Allure shield that had missing text while it was in my inventory bugged my whole shield tab with the Essence NPC. I disenchanted the bugged item in blacksmith but I still can neither extract or inherit essence

Same issue. Noticed it this morning after the update. Cannot transfer essence to shield (broken) and under extract there is an incorrect description of Pyre shield and cannot scroll through shield essence.