Escape Artist in Survivor Paragon tree is pointless

Once a minute you can get a mediocre movement speed increase and pass through enemies for a measly 6 seconds if below 30%HP.

That’s kinda neat but worthless when compared to Battleguard letting you always pass through enemies when below 15% health at lvl 3 which doesn’t take much to get to.

Escape artist needs a better buff to be actually worth getting when you can easily have the same main effect without time limit from Battleguard, e.g. increase evasion which would make perfect sense as Stalwart increases block.

As it is now there is literally no point in getting Escape Artist over Stalwart. I know eventually you’ll get enough points to max everything but the tree is especially set up to have two alternate routes and for quite a long while you won’t have enough points to just get everything anyway os it’s not irrelevant.