Error Uninstalling Overwatch League Replay Viewer

Hello Blizzard team,

I am having issues uninstalling the Overwatch League Viewer Replay. I tried to uninstall it using the WIndows-Control Panel-Program and Features. When I do, it gives me error code BLZBNTBNU00000008.

I am unable to find a specific option to uninstall from the Blizzard logo drop down menu. The only items listed there are: Account Management, Support, Settings, What’s New, Feedback, Battlenet Mobile, Logout, and Exit.

I do not want to go around deleting files in my computer since this just seems like a dumb idea. I also do not want to delete the whole Overwatch game since my download speed is extremely slow and it would take more all day to redownload the whole game again. How can I uninstall the replay viewer without deleting files on the computer?

Thank you in advance,

Select replay viewer in the options dropdown then under the game logo you will see “Options”.

Uninstall will be there

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