Error code: 0 - blzbntbgs000036b1

I’ve had code: 0 - blzbntbgs000036b1 for a month now no idea how to fix it. any advice would be great!

This error is not a Blizzard error, even though it may look like so. Iif you are experiencing the same error on our Blizzard Shop, please contact our Customer support team. Account and billing issues are not addressed on the forums for privacy and security reasons.

If it is happening within the game, please reach out to Activision Support or refer to the Call of Duty forums. For Call of Duty, Blizzard Technical Support are only able to offer support for install, patch, or connection issues with the Blizzard Application. Issues with crashing, performance, or connecting to the Call of Duty servers will need to refer to Activision support.