Error BLZBNTBGS80000011

Ever since you guys, Blizzard, had authentication issues on 6/16/20 I keep getting this error when I try to log into the app on my Windows 10 PC.


We’re currently investigating an issue affecting our authentication servers, which may result in failed or slow login attempts.)

The login issues have been resolved. If you still have trouble logging in, start with these troubleshooting suggestions: (link) Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

I did all of the suggestions in the support article 13875 and 99037 (including the advanced troubleshooting). I would link to these pages but the forum won’t allow me to. The only way I’ve been able to resolve the error is by uninstalling the app and re-installing it. This error has happened both on the 16th and every day after. This means I’ve had to uninstall the app 3 times already. If I log out of the app for a long period of time and come back then I get the error again. You guys say the issue is resolved, but is it actually resolved?

Side note: My internet works with everything else I do (no disconnects or speed issues) and my computer is hardwired to my router.


The issue we were investigating at that point in time was resolved. If you’re still having issues, we’d want to investigate why that’s happening. If you’re still having this problem, please create a WinMTR test which catches a disconnection. Use this for the “Host” instead of the IPs from the article:

Run the test until you catch one of these problems. Once you’ve caught one red handed, run the test for about 5 more minutes. This will let us look for problems between your house and our servers which may cause this.

If you have problems with posting it due to a link error, go ahead and copy paste this into your next post, and replace “WinMTR goes here” with your test.

WinMTR goes here

It happened again today but I see you guys are doing maintenance this Tuesday. If it happens after the maintenance I’ll run the WinMTR test.

I do have a question though. How long is the app installer suppose to take? I manually delete all of the files (it’s faster to do so) and it can take 2-4 hours to install it. I know it’s dependent on a lot of factors, but is there an estimate?

Hey, Gunark! The application itself is a pretty small application compared to our games. It’s usually around 350MB. It should not be taking 2-4 hours to install just the Blizzard Application. We don’t have an exact estimate, but anything over 30 minutes likely is a concern with broadband connections.

If you run into this problem again, could you also run the WinMTR test to

Hopefully, the maintenance may help with this situation. Otherwise, it may be worth checking for any download managers that could impact the speed for the installation, along with any security or firewalls that are currently on the system. Other than this, it could be a router settings issue like QoS, WMM, or UPnP that may need to be toggled. If you have the data, an alternative connection or VPN may be a better workaround for the slow 2-4 hour reinstall of the App.

I got the error code again today. I thought maybe my computer was going to sleep when it downloaded the app installer, so it could be starting/stopping the installer several times. I checked on my computer periodically today while it did the installer, so it wouldn’t go to sleep, and the download still isn’t finished. It’s been ongoing for 6 hours.

I work for an ISP as technical support. I troubleshoot internet problems every single day. I don’t have a download manager installed. I have my own personal router so I haven’t enabled any settings (no firewalls, port forwarding, etc). I don’t have any antivirus programs turned on. I’m not able to use cellular data as a hotspot. I could probably use a VPN but I don’t think it’ll matter.

I downloaded the WinMTR test and used uspatchbattlenet (the forum won’t let me include the periods) as the host IP. It’s not letting me paste the results but everything showed 0% packet loss except for no response from host (100% packet loss).

I pulled up my ProgramData file on my computer and watched the folder download. It literally downloads 1-10 KBPS. I’m surprised the WinMTR test doesn’t show packet loss because the folder shows a lot of “HTTP: connection timeout and HTTP: connection failed for host” I’m not sure how to ping an IP address this long. I tried to ping in my command prompt and it just gave an error.

My internet speed is usually around 20 MBPS on this hardwired computer and I don’t have other devices running. I can download the folder (4.68 MB) into my download folder within 5-10 seconds. The WinMTR test was a 1.86 MB file that downloaded instantly.


The :1119 isn’t part of the IP address - it’s a port. You can cut that part out and the test should run. We can check that, but it’s also possible you’re running into a firewall or security issue if it also impacts patching. I’d temporarily uninstall any third party security and firewalls you use and make sure that windows defender is up to date (with windows)

Any luck that way? If not, feel free to hit us up with that winMTR to and we’ll give it a look.

You guys did maintenance on thursday, I believe, for the app and I’m able to connect now. I’m not getting the error anymore. I hope it lasts.

Ah perfect! Glad it’s working for you for now. If it comes back, please let us know and provide that info and we can look for more issues.