Error BLZBNTBGS000003F8

I keep getting this error on EVERY game I have installed. No matter if it’s Overwatch or COD, it’s every single game. Been happening since the full release of Modern Warfare II. It’s highly annoying and it makes me upset that I can’t enjoy the full game with my friends. I’ll have moments where I can play like 3 or 4 matches, but then I get completely booted from the game with the error BLZBNTBGS000003F8. I did a test with having my launcher pulled up on my second monitor, and every time, Battle Net would reconnect me from the servers and after like 30 seconds, I would get disconnected from game servers.


I have the same issue!

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Same issue cant even play 1 game and it a not my internet because nothing ells geta disconnected only battle net very frustrating. Any suggestions?

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Having the same issue… I’ve never had this problem playing Overwatch until I bought and installed MWII. But now servers are disconnecting me very frequently and it’s getting on my nerves that I can’t play MWII without restarting after playing a couple minutes and getting disconnected from my OW games with my friends…

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Have this all the time on updated my NVIDIA drivers Rolled them back Updated latest Windows tried to Uninstall and Reinstall. Thinking about Refunding and getting MWII on Steam it really it getting annoying.


I’m having this same issue. It seems to happen more at the later hours of the day. I opened a ticket on this over 2 weeks ago, they just replied yesterday with a automated response to look at an article… does anyone have a fix for this?

I have done a factory reset on my PC and only downloaded the app. Still the same issue. Even without a game open the app will “refresh” causing a brief “loss of connection”. Any game on is unplayable due to this issue. I have re opened my ticket and still waiting for a response. Can anyone please help with this. I would really like to play my $70 game and what I pay a subscription for.

Honestly what a horrible experience I’ve had with blizzard and Activision doing the switch to pc it’s really sad how incompetent this company is with their game management with all this bugs it would be amazing if the get rid of that blizzard network crap they really suck