cant update warzone, cant repair warzone, cant play warzone, turned off antivirus like it says and still doesnt allow
this is on windows
anyone know what the issue is?


same, so annoying. BLIZZARD neeedd a fix asap!!!

same too, cant play the new update :frowning:

same here. been trying to update cold war all day and im stuck in the scanning cycle smfh. it goes to 100 and it just restarts and ive tried deleting the idx files but all i get is i cant because the file is open in the blizzard update agent smh

Same problem. Nothing helps. Turned off antivirus, deleted idx files, uninstalled Battlenet and reinstalled. Everything leads to scanning and end result is always - BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 error.

This worked for me. Close the Blizzard app. Delete everything in the game folder except the data folder. Then do a search for all the .dix files in the data folder and delete them. Then restart the app and let it do what it needs to do.
Damn annoying. on another machine I had to delete a 180+GB folder and redownload everything. That also worked.

It’s just garbage quality control from a bloated company that gives no sh1ts.
They don’t even have these solution on their support pages - just generic rubbish that doesn’t work.
You’re better off playing something else from another bloated company that doesn’t care either.

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czy ktoś wie jak rozwiązać ten problem

The same thing happens to me and I don’t know what to do, I hope and help solve this problem

Blizzard only provides support for installing and patching the game, not helping it run on your system. This is noted on their scope of support article:

For problems with the game opening or running, you’d need to reach out to Activision since they develop that game.

You suck guys number 1 game and have so many problems!! wtf is that BLZBNTAGT0000000BB8 idiots…

This video fixed my Problem, hope it can fix yours. (not my video)


I just got the same error, impossible to run or play the game

i do excactly same things but nothing working. and game déleted, new install and game, but game don’t run.
This is a real bug installtion for this game but no fix avaible for this moment (sorry for bad english, i’m french, '-)

hopefully this is fixed soon!!!

I’m having the same Error code trying to download WoW or WoW Classic