Enjin Website and Modules

So I have no idea what I am doing, or what an API is. I know that I used enjin for guild websites in the past, and they had modules that automatically let you import your guild and characters from the Armory and this allowed you to sign up for events on your Calendar as those characters, track progression, and even display your Guild Tabard on your website. Now it is impossible to import characters or guilds, and every bit of research on their support forums has referenced that Blizzard has changed their API stuff.

Something about data collection or something. I am not sure how or what to do. I would just like my guild website to be able to display our characters, guild tabard, and many other features again.

Anyone have any information or help for someone who has no idea what they are doing

Need this information too :frowning:

Enjin guild import and update just stopped working.

Srry for posting. I´m not a dev. but really need some help.


enjin needs to update there code for this to work again i suggest emailing them or posting on there forums

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Thank you so much. I´ll try them.