Endpoints with `:profileId` or `{account}` return a 404

I’m supplying the profileId and the account information to the endpoints and despite this, they seem to just return a 404 code. Is there something wrong with the endpoint or am I doing something wrong?

link example please so we know what endpoint you are trying to use

I’m sorry. I’m just scared of using my own profileId and account parameters, but I’ll display some below as examples.

I used the information I got from


as profileId and battletag on the following endpoints:


I later figured out that what you get from


is the accountId and not the profileId, so I used it on


and it worked!
But then what are the profileId and {account}? How do I get these values?

not familiar with sc endpoints and how the data works so im sorry i cant give you much help

That’s alright. I’ll wait for some help.