Endless repair loop fails (WoW - desktop)

I have never had an issue with WoW repairing itself. Recently tried running a repair and it is now endlessly stuck in the loop failing after several minutes of scanning (after the request accepted to allow the program to repair). Tried this ‘solution’ which does nothing:

Same # BLZBNTAGT00000BB8 error as always. The PC has been restarted, battle.net is running as admin. None of these things help.

You can’t even cancel the update because you get no option to run the game as is. This is seriously broken Blizz. I really have no interest in reinstalling the whole game again.

My fault for running a repair on WoW I guess. Guess it is time to unsub from this mess.

EDIT Looking down the threads a bit I see others have similar issues with no Blizz fix in sight. So yes, refund options plz.

PS> To add insult to injury I am prepaid for the next two months to this broken product. Refund options?

PPS> Tried again at lunch and it is even worse now. Now it gets to the end of the scan, briefly states it will now repair files, and then automatically starts the scan again. Absolutely useless.

PPPS> After work, PC restarted and we are back to the original loop.

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same problem quite literally exactly

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Literally the same problem here. I was about to buy Shadowlands and renew my subscription. Glad I didn’t. I have been trying to fix this all night! It’s an endless loop of repairing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the battle.net app, and constantly restarted my computer; but it won’t even let me uninstall WoW, it just starts repairing and then gives me a message “Oops something went wrong. Please try again.” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Edit: I might add also it started with successfully logging in the first time (after the patch I assume) but all my realms said unavailable in red, so I googled it and it suggested to update my battle.net app, hence…here I am stuck in an endless repair loop… sigh

yes, this is BS I’m stuck in it right now. and blizzard still hasn’t responded to the original thread

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