Elder Rift Didn't Drop Gems and Runes after completion

I completed an elder rift and used 3 eternal legendary crest. After defeating the rift boss, it didn’t show me the chest after completion and didn’t drop any legendary gems and runes. i exit out of the rift and I didn’t get any drops back or the 3 eternal legendary crest i used, no forgotten items in the mail too. I know to some of you those 3 eternal legendary crest are nothing, but to me they can make a difference, as who knows what gems I could’ve gotten and could’ve sold them in the marketplace, support says this is the only way to report this issue and hope for a resolution, Kinda disappointing. They couldn’t even offer to report it directly to the devs, they just expects us to post it here and with hundreds of threads, how can we be so sure this gets picked up by a dev or get looked at? How long should we wait to get my 3 eternal legendary crests back?

Server Gidbinn ,completed the rift 8/15/2022 between 5:45am - 6:10am PST

Same here. Just did an Elder Rift after the updates, using 3 crests, and my group didn’t receive any chest.

Neither were the crests not consumed, or rewards received in Mail as ‘Forgotten Items’

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Glad I read about this issue now, I holding my crest and no buying any until problem is fix

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I was going to get crest but I am glad not to waste money on them to lose them. Blizzard. Refund all this has happen to

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Told ya Blizzard, common sense would dictate to fix your current problems before integrating more content!!!

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I just did 10 crests with no rewards at the end

It’s messed up that I contacted support and told me this is the only way to report it and how can we even confirmed this is going to get looked at and when are they returning our lost crest. :frowning:

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