Egypt Regional prices

appreciate adding regional prices for Egypt the country economy is in very bad condition now also the banks imposed on currency exchange 10% fee blizzard make us pay in euro while the current rate 1 eur =33.3 EGP without the fees , and the avg salary of people that play games here is 250-300 EUR per month. there is expected devaluation after july that is going to ruin the value of the pound further, you offer regional prices for some other third world contries why not for Egypt? you could attract much more gamers from here and the region of north africa if there is a good regional pricing system introduced.


مش هينفع غالبا لانه لو قلل سعر المتجر في مصر كله هيحول ريجون مصري من الاجانب وهيخسرو على ما اظن

really, we need a special price that make us able to buy and subscribe to blizzard games in Egypt

actually, blizzard defending their financial too well and changing region is not an easy process or choice to make.