Druid Tree of Life

My main was a Druid healer, and every since you took away the original tree of life I stopped playing her as my main. Yes there is a " tree of life " that is ugly and does not last long. Please bring back the original, you know from WoTLK. Also have the same healing buffs as before please. I wanna have fun healing on her again, This new tree of life can only be summoned every few mins and lasts only 30sec, totally sucks. And of course if anyone is gonna make snarky remarks, kindly be on your way.


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Hello there Robyn. Blizzard has many forums so it is easy to get a bit lost. This forum is for feedback on the Support website that covers all Blizzard games. The Website and Support teams are the ones who read it.

The Support site includes maint notices, Knowledge base articles, and the ticket system. For example, if you wanted to learn how to give feedback for WoW

Here are the WoW forums (active game time required to post). The Community Managers and Devs monitor the Discussion portion. I recommend the Druid forum - and leave out the taunt at the end.