DreamZ - Diablo 2 Installation Failure

Links still aren’t working. I tried to download Diablo 2 from all most all the links for mac and not a one works, all i get is failed network error, I can download the battle net for mac. and the Diablo 2 downloader for win. but I am running mac 10.11.6 El Capitan so that doesn’t help me at all. so a little help would be nice

Hey there DreamZ,

I moved you to your own thread as your issue is unrelated to what you were posting about. There’s more than one thing that causes Failed - Network Error. If the links in the post didn’t help, it’s usually a security problem or actual network error. If you have any third party security on your mac, try temporarily uninstalling it. You also want to temporarily disable any browsing addons/scripts, especially things like ad blockers and script blockers. Last up, power cycle your connection to clear any caches and retest the download.

Let me know how it goes.

thank you for the move, and the help but none of that help i have a support ticket in and all the things they said to do isn’t help too. i have 3 other hotspots in my house and my land line and i get the same with them all, so i tried other internets and other internet browser

Hey, DreamZ! Checking the ticket and the files, it looks like the zip importer from the mdworker for apple is having issues with file compression. This is a bit tricky since part of the issue is with the MacOS having issues with the file compression. I have a few things in mind that are worth trying.

  • Try seeing if a New Admin account might work.
  • Try downloading the file to a different directory than the downloads section.
  • This is less ideal, but do you have another computer you could try downloading the Mac version off of and sending the ZIP file via email or USB? This may work with getting the ZIP file on the system, but its unclear on if there might be issues with archiving the files.

I didn’t see any archiving tools outside of the one that comes with MacOS. If you happen to have any archiving tools, it’s worth double checking that its not attempting to use this to archive the file since this would cause issues with downloading Diablo II. Try uninstalling any third party archiving tools temporarily.

i have tried a new Admin, i have tried on 3 different mac,s two mac book and a different mac pro, and i have Try downloading the file to a different directory than the downloads section.i have no other archiving tools only the one mac comes with. i have tried 3 different isp. my US cellular modem, at&t hotspot and my century link land line.i really thank you all for the help that you have been giving me i just want too play this game again i miss it

Windows man, its a beautiful thing. Might be your best option. D2 will play on a toaster.

You can go buy a cheap 400 dollar laptop and play it all you want.


If you’re still having this much trouble after all you’ve done, I’d put in a ticket for the issue. You’ve hit all the regular things so we’ll need to check out your system profiler file and maybe run some tests to figure out why you’re having this problem. I just checked all 4 Diablo II mac inataller links on that post and they work fine for me.