Dread Reaver falling off map

So I use three abilities, Skewer - Leaping Smash, Sanguinate, and Swarm of Bats - Blood Swarm. I’m not sure which one makes me fall off the map, because I use them all but I do. Also, I fell off like 5x. This was in one run, using the random dungeon queue. It only occurs on the boat, not in the final boss battle on the rocks.

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As a BK, this has happened to me on the way to the final boss. I used one of the skills you mentioned. All terrain and landscapes are missing and then falling through the map. Also happens on Pit of Anguish after defeating the final boss to collect your rewards. Not to mention Dread Reavers first mini boss fall through either since the dungeon came out.

The same thing has been happening to me every time I go in there since the update. I also read here about it happening in the pit of anguish and it does there for me too.
Unstuck doesn’t work either.

I just want to say that I have been having the same issues with Dread Reaver and falling through the boat after the first and second mini bosses. I play Wizard and played with others of different classes that this has happened to so it is not just a BK issue.

I have fallen through the world in Pit as well but not at the end. I has happened to me and many others while getting onto the lift. I hear you can avoid this by waiting 5-10 seconds before getting on but you should not have to do that.

The last place not mentioned here is Kiruras Rapids. It is not a falling through the world issue but throughout the entire run I and many others are constantly getting booted from the raft. There have been runs that have been completely unplayable due to this.

None of these issue occurred prior to the last patch as other have stated.

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