Dragonriding speed and vigor (WoW API)

Hey! Yesterday, I worked on a small meter to check the speed of dragonriding, and while any of the 4 dragonriding available mounts on the beta are running, you can track it’s speed using GetUnitSpeed(“player”) as always. But when you are actually in the air (hence Dragonriding), the API function returns 0. Tried to use GetUnitSpeed(“vehicle”), but it also gives 0 and UnitHasVehiclePlayerFrameUI() gives false so it isn’t a vehicle, and GetUnitSpeed(“pet”) gives 0 too, so it isn’t a hidden pet (like the Eye of Acherus back in WOTLK).
The only way to get the speed of the player is using a mathematical function (derivatives, limit and trigonometry).

Another issue is that there’s no proper way to call an API function to get the vigor, recharge bar and recharge rate, so the only way to get it to make a custom interface is using the UPDATE_UI_WIDGET event, tracking a element that you want to hide/replace instead of the variable you need, acting as a filter.

Is there any way to have some simple functions/endpoints to track both of those things? Even having the proper speed in the GetUnitSpeed(“player”) function works for the speed, but for the other one I think something else should be nice.

Thank you very much!