Dragonflight purchase refund


I had 2 accounts in 2 different regions EU and US but, I haven’t been playing in the US for a long time anymore since I moved to the EU region. So, by mistake I purchase Dragonflight expansion for the US region, and when I realize I rise a ticket for a refund or transfer purchase to the EU region. However, there is no movement visible in the ticket for a few days already, and the in-game ticket indication tells me that the average response time is 34 days… Why there is no just simple “refund” button available in the purchases?? I literally realize this mistake in few minutes after purchase and now I have to way ~34 days for the resolution of a simple refund question??

There is. The refund is automated if your account qualifies.

This would grant the refund rapidly here Direct link to refund request → Contact Support - Blizzard Support

If the automated system denies it, then you would submit a ticket like you did, and a GM will manually review it. The ticket system is REALLY overloaded right now so the wait is pretty crazy. It is around a week or two. The estimate you got was the longest ticket in queue. The date used to determine refund eligibility is the date you put in the ticket, not the date a GM does the review.