Dragonflight Collector's Edition

Hello everybody,

I’ve seen that Dragonflight Collector’s Edition is already sold out on Pre-Order. Will there be more physical Collector’s Edition copies released on the official launch date or earlier? Another question is, will it be available on Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop etc.?

Thank you

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I hope so. I have several friends that missed out.

AND, even for those people who DID purchase the Physical Collector’s Edition, it STILL hasn’t shipped. Phase II of the pre-patch is in a week, and WHERE ARE THEY?

Also, do we get everything for “pre-ordering” even though we can’t play yet? There is NO WAY I am going to buy a digital edition just to gain access and then when the physical edition comes in the balance gets converted to Battle.net cash.

I pre-ordered the physical edition back in JUNE! And they were supposed to start shipping November 1st. A week later? STILL listed as “unfulfilled.”

No KIDDING this is unfulfilling…

C’mon Blizzard; get it together.