DPS or Tank Doomfist

Over the almost 7 years I have put into Overwatch, I have had few heroes that really stand out to me that I play as mains. DPS Doom was 1 of them. His power, movement, combos and overall feel were extremely unique to any FPS I’ve ever played. But with his rework being introduced in OW2 , he hasn’t been the same. Sure his mobility is just as good if not better but his feel is off.

I miss DPS Doomfist. I don’t expect him to return to his old state in base Overwatch but I would love for his old kit to be included in PvE whenever that releases or have them be selectable within custom game.

Id like to hear the communities thoughts on this and have this reach someone on the Overwatch team to get their input as well.

Perhaps you should post this in the Overwatch forums…

Appreciate it. I’m new to the forums.