Download error Call of Duty Warzone

when I open the Blizzard launcher, it makes me download Call of Duty Warzone again, instead of updating it to the new version Help please!!

Same here, it asks me to download 78,6GB
Plus the download gives error after some seconds

What i did :

  1. Closed Battlenet
  2. Control + Alt + Del > Kill all Battlenet agent.exe
  3. Launch Battlenet again
  4. Before clicking on update > Change region to another one (i dit Europe to America)
  5. The Download will started
  6. If your download is not starting you must click on Pause (right side of the download bar) wait maybe 10 seconds and click again and your download will continue again.
  7. Don’t forget to change your region back when your game is downloaded.

Important : changing your region have no impact on the game because the game is multi Lang :wink:

I’already tried what you said but nothing its still not working

Had you tried to kill all agent.exe process ?

I tried to do as you said and it doesn’t give me any more error after a few seconds and it doesn’t crash, but it still makes me download the full game again.

Now the download problem is gone but it ask me too to download the whole game again

Same here. I have to redownload the whole game at 171 gig!!! The update should only be 20GBs plus/minus.

I had to download all over again, now it works

Even I had same issue… Puasing and then downloading works for me… I still have to struggle some time… It might not start downloading in one pause and play. I tried multiple times and it continues to download on better speed…