Don't punish us by a lottery system for Hero's Journey

.With the latest update, now I have 20 days to complete Hero’s Journey. With skill and dedication, and with more than 830 hours of gameplay I could complete first 5 chapters of Hero’s Journey. Also, I have completed all gameplay related objectives of the last chapter. Now I only need Horadric Bestiary related quests which is dependent on pure luck and which I could not complete during last 2 months.

If you want to do lottery, please do so seperately. But for this Hero’s Journey, I spent hundrets of hours of gameplay. And I’m there for 2 months. Just luck is needed now. It is very unfair to add luck factor to something we spent hundrets of hours of hard work.

Please fix this unfair model and find a proper solution to this Horadric Bestiary.

Yes, you might remove it on next Hero’s Jurney, but we also spent hundrets of hours on this, current Hero’s Journey. Why we are punished by a random lottery?

Again, me and people like me spent hundrets of hours of gameplay, skill, dedication, hard work to reach here and we want to comlete the current Hero’s Journey. Don’t punish us by some random lottery system.

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Hey Fallen,

Your post is not a technical support issue. For feedback, suggestions, etc, you’ll need to post in the official discussion location on Reddit. You also don’t need multiple posts here, especially since it’s not tech support related.