Dont get the code to my phone

so i tried to do everything they suggest i bought the game and now i cannot play it im fighting with that all day long on my 1 day a weak of free time from work.
tried diffrent phones and downloading their app checked everywhere 10 times, the support will respond then when ill ask a refund on the game this is a joke to pay money and not a small amount and not being able to even play the game

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Same Issue, I am either not getting the verification number

im getting nothing to my phone after i contacted the support they sent a prepared auto massage not even reading what i was saying in mine probs and now i have a new issue with that it says my phone is prepaid when its not haha even tried other phones from other companies still same issue no code

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Same here. It is insane. I got around 4 replies from their support, only to end up where I started.

It sounds like you are having trouble playing a game despite following the suggested steps, and you have tried different phones and downloaded the app without success. You have also tried contacting support, but they have not resolved the issue. If you cannot play the game, you may want to consider requesting a refund.