Doing a record for 100 pits run


Just recording my 100 pits run out come.

So far I have done 68. Each run takes around 5ish minutes to complete so that is around 2 hourish for the past 3 days. It will probably take me another 2 days to complete the 100 runs.

Using a Fireball/Orb SORC with 259MF. Also playing SOLO with no other players, so monster drops are not increased either.

Results so far:

|5|+4 skills, +172% ED Tstroke|
|6|7% manald heal|
|19|Ist rune| — My only Ist rune that is no traded but dropped from a monster
|23|Mal rune| – This one is unexpected as well.
|25|5% mana leech, +137 ED Gloom Trap|
|31|Veil of steel| – Rare find, but appears to be worthless
|37|Arkane’s Valor| – Rare find but worthless again.
|40|+210%ED, 13% life leech Gargolye’s Bite. Yellow Sacred armour|
|51|+165 def, +15% lit dmg, -19% lit dmg griffon’s eye| – what can I trade this for? the skills are near perfect, but defense is a bit low…
|66|+1 sorc skill GC|


Why do you keep posting nonsense


He Thinks This Is His Personal Blog Page


Well, I just thought it is interesting to put down the result of my runs.

If you are not interested, I suppose you can simply ignore.

Some players may respond with their own results, which could be interesting for me to see.

Some may think my result is about average. or some may think not very good as they may find better / more gears than I do with less MF maybe, etc…

At least I don’t see it as a harmful post or a post that will trigger a fight within the forum. Not sure where you got the nonsense from.


running pit is a waste of time as no ghosts are in pit

not running in 8 player games = auto fail

just pure noobs in here


Finishing up

|70|stormshield, but connection interrupted right after pick up the stormshield, so this is lost due to server rollback|
|76|169% ED corpsemourn|
|77|Bul Kathos’ Tribal Guardian|
|79|39% ED Jew, +1 shadow discipline GC|
|87|Baranar’s Star|
|88|26% mf Nagelring|
|91|Disiple set armour|
|94|aldur’s set weapon|
|96|+28%ED, +5 max dmg jewel|

Only the Griffon’s eye is worth mentioning. Rest are all just medicore.


70 is your best find so far, lost due to rollback.


Quite a shame. I was pretty excited when I saw the gold Monarch drop.

So you don’t think the Griffon’s Eye is a good find? I thought the +lightening dmg and -lightening resists are quite near perfect (perfect is 20/15 and mine rolled 19/15)

I have seen a game asking for HR for a Griffon, though I didn’t join that game so I don’t know if anybody traded for it.

So that made me under the impression the Griffon Eye is probably the best drop out of the this entire exercise.


It is. Especially with those stats.


Neat post and always fun to look at peoples luck =D

All the others here are lonely people crying for help in their desolate lives. They should thank you for entertaining them enough warranting them to respond to this post.


I have never had any kind of luck like that with pindle to be honest. I’ve mfed 225-700 on there and really seems like a waste of time. :confused:


Thanks for sharing. Unlike others, I find this interesting and therefore worth a like or three. Have a good day!:sunglasses:


Pindle’s drops were nerfed. The best Super Unique (SU) to farm in act 5 is Bonesaw Breaker. He’s the only Super Unique in the game that drops as good as the 3 SUs in Chaos. So if you’re farming for elite unique gear like CoA or Andriel’s you’d be far better off hunting down Bonesaw than jumping in the Pindle portal. In fact you’ll have much better luck with Nihl than Pindle.


Ignore the trolls. I love seeing data like this. It’s 1000% more interesting and useful than the vast majority of posts whining about bots, jayespee, and temp/perm bans. Also there’s like a dozen people hanging out here and I’m being generous.


This is a fascinating comment. It’s fascinating because it’s coming from an account that was made an hour ago and has only viewed 5 topics and spent 11 minutes reading comments.


Seriously?? Everyone on this new board signed up in the last 6 weeks. Even you. Or didn’t you know your own join date?

The more massive fail however is your pathetic attempt at simply dismissing the author instead of considering the points made. This is why the franchise is declining. Because bliz is listening to people like you.


Could you provide one example as to what I’ve said that Blizz listened to that has caused the decline in the franchise?

How does one attempt to dismiss something and what are these points that have been made?


Actually, I don’t have a point to make. I was simply feeling like to put down a “diary entry”.

I just felt at least it is a harmless entry that should not provoke any flame wars or create any fights.

It’d be kind of ridiculous to pick a fight with me over the content of a loot finding result post. I know you are not picking a fight with me. So don’t take that as an offense. It was just generally speaking.

It may or may not cause other players to respond with their own MF results, which may or may not lead to a thread where people show their share their own loot outcome, etc… but obviously, it didn’t.

Not sure if there is a way to “archive” an existing thread… if there is, I probably should do this to this thread.


Here’s my drop log from my past 100 Act 1 Pit runs. Runs without any drops were not listed:

1:Baezil’s Vortex
2:Rusthandle, Magnus’ Skin
3:Immortal King Boots
4:Cerebus’ Bite
8:Eth Tearhaunch Greaves
11:Astreon’s Iron Ward (+2/281%ED/+72dmg/185%AR)
15:eth Horizon’s Tornado, Witherstring, Tancreds Weird
18:Bul Kathos’ Sacred Charge
21:Isenhart’s Horns, Trang Oul’s Girth, The Eye of Etlich
23:The Generals Tan Do Li Ga
25:M’avinas Caster
27:Ginther’s Rift
28:Vidala’s Barb
29:Hsarus’ Iron Heel
35:Ber rune!!! (from normal Devilkin), Bane Ash
36:Naj’s Circlet, Isenhart’s Parry
37:Isenhart’s Horns, The Salamander
40:Iratha’s Collar
41:Berserker’s Hatchet
42:Sigon’s Sabot
43:Bverrit Keep, Ripsaw
44:Islestrike, Sazabi’s Cobalt Redeemer
46:Cathan’s Mesh
47:Iratha’s Coil
48:Death’s Hand, Hwanin’s Refuge
51:Arctic Binding
52:Blackbog’s Sharp, Rogue’s Bow
55:Crushflange, M’avina’s Tenet
58:Sazabi’s Mental Sheath
59:Hellrack, Zakarums Hand
62:Cathan’s Seal
63:Angelic Wings
64:Soul Harvest, Twitchthroe, Iratha’s Cord
65:Griswold’s Heart, Isenhart’s Case
66:Arctic Binding, Rite of Passage
69:Sparking Mail, Venom Ward, eth Gorefoot
72:Angelic Halo
73:Eschuta’s Temper (+3, 15%L/17%F, +30E)
74:Fleshrender, Nagelring (23)
76:Spineripper, Hwanin’s Splendor, Telling of Beads
79:Infernal Torch
80:Isenhart’s Horns
82:Vidala’s Barb
83:Gheed’s Fortune (115/24/12)
84:Skullder’s Ire
87:Raven Frost, 7smfc
88:Gheed’s Fortune (91/21/15)
89:Langer Briser, Death’s Touch
92:Crow Caw

This is solo play on using a lvl 91 Fireball/Meteor/Frozen Orb Sorc with 440 magic find.
This log was collected over the course of about three weeks of playing. The average run was 4 minutes.
Several rares and magics were checked, all but the 7smfc was junk.
A white +3 GMB dropped, but it rolled 1 socket.
A handful of superior and grey elite armors were checked, all were junk.
Several runes between Ith and Hel dropped, although I only logged the runes Pul and above. The Ber drop is obviously a lotto win, 1:4373671 chance from a Devilkin according to Silospen’s drop calc.


Holy crap. I only had crappy runes like eth, ith, tal, etc… dropping in the pits.

I had quite a few normal / exceptional uniques / sets drop as well, but I just didn’t list them. I only list them ones that I considered to be “worthy finding”.

But darn… that Ber rune is GG.