Does not enter the game

my account:
The second day I can’t enter the game under my main account, I choose to enter through the account, it launches and again knocks out the entrance through the guest or main account, and so on all the time. cleared the cache, restarted the game, tried reinstalling the game, nothing helps, please help solve the problem.

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I had the same problem and found out my Security software was flagging Diabloimmortal.exe from executing and labeling it as a Trojan Downloader.

I contacted my Security software company and they want to look at it but it is to large to send them via email (even zipped). And Blizzards Customer Support is non-existent and a big joke!! You can’t get in contact with anyone!

Same here. Cannot enter the game. Just stops working. Tried a lot already. nothing works. please fix this!