Does Diablo Clone spawn in all servers when enough SOJ's are sold?

My friend called me in the middle of the night a couple days ago and told me he ran into a Diablo Clone and it killed him and needed my help to get his stuff back and kill him but we combined maybe sold 3 SOJ’s in our non ladder games, so when everybody collectively sells enough SOJ’s does he spawn in every online server or is it just a random one?

It spawns on the server IP of the game where you see “XXXX sojs sold to merchants”

will it definitely spawn in your game if you sell a soj when the “X sojs sold to merchants” appear?

Try 79–119 sojs

It takes 80-120 sojs to spawn d clone on a fresh IP with 0 sojs sold since last spawn.

If you happen to be a mule full of sojs then yeah you can (probably) get him to spawn

if you sell 69 sojs with a hot IP, Dclone spawns with a bohner.