Does Blizzard or whoever fix these problems

I’m having problems with my Unbound gyms five star quality becoming bound for no reason and some of them even disappearing from my inventory completely like I’ve been trying to get help for over 3 weeks the total loss on Platinum or cash money is ridiculous with all the money that y’all make off us how come we can’t get any help on our technical support y’all just say the post it to the Forum but nothing ever happens

Jesus… spamming the forums with multiple posts isnt going get YOUR issue fixed faster. And yes blizzard obviously fixes bugs but just not peoples personal problems on the spot. Take a chill pill.

Well I want to make sure they see it feeling ignored doesn’t help none and geez mind your own business no post on my s*** if you ain’t no help

If you post on the forums you don’t get to pick who replies to you. The information you were given is accurate.

Bugs are handled by the QA team. Those bug reports are submitted via in-game bug report tools if available, or via the Bug Report forums.

  • They do not respond unless they need more info. It is not a conversation vector to QA, or to the Devs who ultimately fix it.
  • They do not fix bugs on an individual basis for people. A bug gets fixed when the Devs patch it. That can vary depending on the priority of the bug. Any compensation would be decided by the Devs and sent out at that time.

You are certainly free not to like how Blizzard handles things. Don’t shoot the messenger though. Telling you the truth is not unhelpful, even if you don’t like it.

The alternative is that you could get zero responses at all and keep spamming the forums until a mod suspends you for it :woman_shrugging: