Does Blizzard EVER look at these threads?

This feels like the usual scammy loophole big companies do these days, a forum where users are made to feel like they accomplished something by reporting bugs and maybe even having other users resolving the issue so that actual support staff or devs don’t have to lift a finger.

And maybe someone from Blizzard actually creates bug tickets for properly written threads but then only once a blue moon.

Yet because it’s so easy to “prove” that they care by having an intern write a couple of meaningless “we are looking into the issue” posts in half an hour each month they get to claim they have proper bug reporting infrastructure but in reality they do not actually care and virtually nothing will ever become a real bug ticket for devs to properly look into.

Even if, the few times I managed to get a dev to look into the issue on one of these bug report forums it took 2-3 months for a dev to make a post and since threads are autodeleted after 1 month on this forum it feels like the one way devs may actually get to deal with the bug reports is made almost entirely impossible by default because the games has a lot of bugs and the threads don’t stay around long enough for a dev to look at them.

I wouldn’t even care that much if this was minor issues but it’s huge crippling showstoppers like the game frequently crashing or disconnecting in the middle of story events or instances or using certain skills frequently causing a state where you cannot attack or even use potions for up to 50 seconds and thus making it entirely pointless to even play the game in the first place.

no they dont. heres my current issue!
everytime i login thru gmail, it asks me to verify account, so i do. Then, it logs me into the site thru gmail and I am on blizzard website on browser, but it never logs me into the actual application to play games. THIS IS INFURIATING