Does Blizzard even inform the Players?

I still cant connect to Bnet.

Is my account banned?

Is my key set banned?

Is my ip or a certain ip range banned?

Da F is going on???. Im not gonna buy another keyset and i def not paying 80 bucks to get back into WoW

what is blizzard thinking using these blackhead tactics? gee

Please, have a wee bit of patience. Some of the mods and/or green text peeps do chime in with a note on the status of your account. If a week or so has passed and there is no response, please, try:

Contact Support - Blizzard Support

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Hey maybe u use VPN?
If u login to D2 with VPN u get temp ban 14 days. If u try login again this time reset.

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Yes. I think that one of those green text “mods” mentioned that resetting of the time out happens if you try to log in while a VPN is on. Yet, logging in to check if still timed out while your VPN is off is fine.

Please, make sure your VPN is off when attempting to log in.

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