Does Blizzard even care?

The number of Botting players has at least doubled. I see a rival clan (who is known to pay lots of money) literally botting for hours at the same spot - attacking “air” most the time (until spawn happens, then they kill 5-8 enemies) - reporting them, does nothing. They are still there, attacking that air with all their might.

PC - cursor needs to be larger, orange ringed to find it faster from getting lost
PC - needs properly ported, right now we just have an emulation of a phone/tablet. - make it where we can unbind things, keep move and basic attack separated, let us use our keyboards FFS, that’s the whole reason to be on PC.

Allow “Show/Hide” player names - this will reduce lag on congested times, like during world bosses and events. It is 100% required as the disconnects are getting more frequent during these heavy times

Find a way to “hide player animations” for these events as well, we don’t need to see the full graphical impact - it is stressing phones and emmulations to the max and lagging and disconnecting them.

Do some basic testing FFS. This should have been noticed day 1, yet nothing is being done about it.

The pay to win has gotten worse. More and more have a hard time getting into hell 2 - let alone later in the game - due to the lack of drops, upgrade materials, upgraded gear stats (green arrows) , etc. I haven’t seen a legendary item drop in at least 5000 kills. The ones that do drop, are trash, duplicates of duplicates and with no decent ratings - despite fighting on the hardest I can survive on.

Gem resonance is ruining the game for free players. Period. This is a Mobile App Gatcha-Cash Grab, with a diablo skin on it - not a Diablo Game. The assets are ripped from Diablo 3 with little to no effort to make them any different, this would be ‘ok’ if it were tied in well with a good story, but it’s all slapped together to the point of being a weekend project. The only effort put into the game development appears to be the multiple upgrade systems and pay mechanics for players to fall trap to.

At this rate, I’ll be skipping Diablo 4 as well, and just playing better games like Path of Exile (and PoE2 when it comes out) becaus blizzard isn’t worth giving money to, they aren’t showing progress, they aren’t listening to the majority of players, they are just milking whales dry.


I pretty support what you just posted.
These issues need to be fixed by Blizzard asap.
Especially the BOT player.

Please do not report players for “botting” unless you have accessed their game inputs. This false reporting is getting a lot of players who are standing still farming efficiently to get unnecessarily banned. Standing still hitting skills instead of running around wasting xp/hr is much more efficient and as long as a player is at interacting with the game its not botting. Personal feelings are interfering with logical observation unfortunately.

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