Do You Start Diablo.exe twice?

Hi, just wondering. When you double-click on the D2 Shortcut, does it start immediately or do you have to do it twice? I’m using windows 7, I have to do it twice or the game won’t start. i notice the same when i try to start some older games.

Is there a reason to this? could someone more knowledgable suggest a workaround?


Ya I got win 7 on my tower and it don’t want to start sometimes so I got to try again but my laptop with win 10 it starts fine idk why 7 is goofy like that

Oh i see. I was wondering if it had something to do with no cinematics. i mean this causing that

Try different service packs in compatibility found in the shortcut’s properties.

My home network includes both windows 10 desktops, and a windows 7 laptop, and I too have this issue, what with D2 starting fine on all the [10] computers, but then having to start D2 twice on the laptop [7] computer. Glad to see I’m not alone in this experience.

Another thing I noticed, after Ii installed D2, when I shut down my win 7 pc, there’s always a background task that is processing and waiting to close.

AtomicPunk I’ll try what u suggested and let u know; D2 is not as nice withoutthe cinematics. so far i havent managed to play any. only hear audio. i have another thread here addressing the issue, but no resolution yet. i have googled all over the net.


Windows 7 is end-of-life. You should consider either replacing your system, or at least trying to upgrade it to Windows 10. Before doing either, back up all important documents, pictures, media and anything else you would consider important. I’d recommend a clean installation to avoid carryover of any potential garbage programs you don’t want.

Hardware upgrade recommendations for Windows 10:
If your system has 4GB or less of RAM, upgrade to at least 8GB.
A solid-state drive for the system partition is highly recommended.

If your system is older than 7 years, I’d recommend replacing it.

uhmm no. never. I tried out retail win10 on several pcs and i am completely not agreeable to it.
win7 is end-of-life, but MS support means crap to me actually. i follow tweaks presented by sevenforums to maintain my main pc, and although my system is far from state-of-the-art, in the tasks i undertake, everything is mostly working out ok…

yes, i have 16 gb main ram and i am using several ssd.
some pieces of hardware i have are outdated, but for the moment $upgrade$ is out of the question.

Ok then, you are subjecting yourself to the world of ever increasing problems with the lack of support not only from Microsoft, but also by third party software developers.

Good luck.

If all you use your win 7 pc for is games leave 7 on it no need to update your os if you use your 7 pc for buying/selling or if you have to put in Any personal information then your at risk but if it’s a gaming pc no need for win 10