Do Unclaimed Battle Points Carry Over to Season 2?

If i save my “guide” and “activity” unclaimed battle points- will they still be “claimable” once season 2 starts??

I have seen the mail from blizz and read some of the disclaimers on the battle pass but they all mention “claim rewards” as in battle pass rewards on the 1-40 track, but nothing indicated that battle points are considered “rewards”- so i don know what happens to them as they are technically XP in a way.

I dont care either way- i would just like a definitive answer before Season 2 starts so that way i dont waste them if they are slated to be wiped and start over from zero. even a message from blizz saying simply “hurry up! any unclaimed battle points will vanish upon Season 2’s arrival!” if anyone has any link or insight i would love a confirmation!


I really wont an answer to OP:s question!

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Do you really think they would make it that easy?

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