Do people still realm down?

Seemed fine for me this weekend, but I didn’t play a lot

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Same, seemed fine for me. I played quite a bit on Friday and some last night. No realm downs. It seems like once they finished up Warden or whatever they were doing around Friday the server has since been running super smoothly.

How are the number of bots looking now? It seems to me like a lot of them got banned on HCEast. I’m still seeing some but it looks like the majority are gone. At least some of the bots I’ve seen have been more of the “active” type. I saw a player manually running Baal but he had bots chasing his main around. They would enter the game and say things like"leader found" and other random bot like things.

Idk, feels like there’s still a ton of bots going, I’ve been sitting at level 94 & half for a week as I’ve been playing other stuff and doing irl things and am already bellow position 100.

I’d bet money more than half of those are bots and not players pushing leaderboard.

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only when I mule items, but I learned my lesson, I use trade items with my mules instead of leaving them on the ground

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I was running baal games yesterday and before that no problem but just got another realm down starting today. It’s back and i’m very pissed right now.

There are still bots about, maybe it means they are working on cleaning up more bots still. I think it’s probably good news that it’s still happening. For the last several years something like this hasn’t really happened so to me it indicates they’re still messing around with the server which is good.

maybe it means they are working on cleaning up more bots still.

Naive. This is an automated system that has been in place for years and features zero cheat/bot detection. The purported reason is “server stability”, popular misconception is that it’s due to bots, but obviously it’s due to them continuing to sell game keys and not up keeping the server to support them. It’s a pure scumbag maneuver that boggles the mind.

For the last several years something like this hasn’t really happened so to me it indicates they’re still messing around with the server which is good.

pure troll comment, this automated system has been in place for many years and it indicates that nothing has changed.

Yo dude, chill out. Are you a d3 person or something trolling? I think D2 fans have bigger fish to fry than intra fighting over frivolous matters. I think we’re both in agreeance that D2 is a great game and that bots suck. I think we diverge in that I suspect some bots were banned on US East (as do some other posters in this forum that have posted the same thing though I’m becoming less sure about any ban happening. Apparently there’s a tweet about no Diablo announcement but “activities planned for the d2 20th anniversary” which sounds like it’s going to be D3 activities and D2 gets nothing for the anniversary. Blizzard may truly be at 0 level support like you suggest.) and you don’t. I don’t know much about anti cheat measures so maybe you’re right. If you check my post history I’m clearly anti-bot.

Also, being banned randomly like what was going on last week has not happened in the many years I’ve played this game off and on. It didn’t happen to me the last 2-3 seasons at least and I don’t ever recall being banned for 10 minutes for playing in a game for 20 minutes. That’s not how the automated system works, it’s pretty easy to avoid bans normally.

So then how does Warden work or how do anti-cheat measures that may be used for this game work? Does it run over the server while players play? Why isn’t it used more often; I hear it’s expensive to do? It must be coming from the server and checking on clients because it’s not a download on the client level, ya?

D3 was the single biggest disappointment in all of gaming history. The biggest middle finger towards the Diablo community possible. Not only was it completely broken on launch, but many of the features promised/showcased still do not exist and probably never will. Beat the game on the highest difficulty in under a week after being promised it would require months of grinding. Uninstalled and never looked back.

Bots were not banned, period. Connections from some proxies were blocked, resulting in botters running tens rather than hundreds of bots in tandem. They were not banned.

Warden is OFF because warden is classified as spyware and is illegal in many places. There hasn’t been a rust storm in forever. NL overflows with illegitimate items, but NL is for losers so no one cares.

R/D and other iterations of the arbitrary banning of players have been happening since shortly after LoD. The reasons for this are “server stability” and not “botting prevention”. Such activity should never be praised by anyone because it’s pure scumbag behavior. They took your money and refused you service, arbitrarily, because they did not want to provide proper support for keys they sold.


Agreed. D3 will probably get a D2 event for the 20th anniversary on June 29th while more than half the pc players are still actually playing D2 (and a large percent of that group hate D3) and won’t get anything except a proxy server ban apparently.


I been helping wife play on 2 different computers Diablo 2 LOD for over 15 yrs. We do not bot but they help on baal runs. We use no maphacks but just enjoy playing the game. Both are in our 70’s Neither one has been been able to get on after the ladder row back. please help.

Huh? I have been able to log in and play fine. You get realm downed? Maybe make a ticket if you never cheated.