Do not know why I can not use chat

From yesterday I can not use chat and people saying that because I got reported by other player. Please as less let me know what did I do for getting is punishment is 14 days and not only world chat I can not even chat with my friend. I don’t talk much on world chat. Please let me know what did I do for the punishment?

Thank you

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Umm… I experienced the same thing. Sometimes I cannot use chat. I suppose that was because I used same phrase in a row, like “Thank you”, “Thank you mate” or “Thank you very much”. And maybe that was censored as a spam. After a while (minutes later), I can use chat with no problem. So I recommend you to try again later. See you again. :wink:

I had that before but this time when you push send it will say that you can not send a massage for 14 days. :sweat:

This needs more attention .