Disconnects 2 X PC same network

Good day, All.
I have 2 gaming Pc’s on the same network.
I found that even though I have a static IP address externally, Gaming on both Pc’s COD Warzone one of the 2 will disconnect and the game will crash.
Both computers will have the same external IP and different internal IP address and the same incoming port on both PC’s
This causes the traffic coming from the servers not to chose the correct path back to the gaming setup dropping the connection.
PC1 External XXX.XXX.XXX.145>Internal192.168.1.165:3074UDP
PC2 External XXX.XXX.XXX.145>internal

Would it be possible to allocate different ports from the server when noticing that there is more than 1 device on the same network in the same session?
I need to currently rune 2 different ISP connections in the same house just to have 2 game sessions active at the same time on 2 different gaming setups.

Looking forward to your feedback

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I have same issue Can you give me the solution