Disable Friend Requests For Privacy & Lower Harassment

Even if you’ve never been targeted online I hope you can understand.

I know some people here who are also victims of online harassment or some form of abuse would enjoy the idea of being able to 100% remove the option of having incoming friend request’s, some people will make new account’s and try to add you just to get in contact with you even if you’ve blocked them on other accounts.

Lot’s of other launchers for other game companies have this option, I hope blizzard can have this as an option has well cause I’d say 90% of the games I play now a day are mostly just WoW, WoW and WoW.

Blizzard games are my safe place, WoW is my safe place and I know so many other people will agree with me on this, please, please PLEASE allow us to have this option so many people who suffer silently will be happy for this idea