Different class legendary drop non war band

My character is a demon hunter but received a crusader legendary chest piece (higher tier of course) which is not usable and can not even sell to vendor. I believe the item came from hilts trader but may have been from immortal weekly rewards.

Hey Adventurer,

For immortals, the weekly vault payout can be any piece of gear, especially if you don’t win any of the vault pieces that you put your name on.

The piece can still be destroyed the old fashion way.

For legendary items, the only way to discard them is to extract the essence. However, the essence extraction vendor doesn’t allow me to do that if I haven’t previously played the class where the item belongs.

Background: I play as a crusader and nothing else, and I got a legendary from immortal vault rewards for another class.

Prior to the patch that introduced essence extraction, this was true, because you could salvage any class’s gear at the Blacksmith. However, now, you have to extract it at the Essence NPC and you can only extract gear for the class you’re currently playing, i.e. me, as a Barb, wouldn’t be able to extract a Necro item and thus get the materials from it. This means your only option is to destroy the item, thus missing out on materials.

They can still be “destroyed” like before. But as Meteor mentioned above, due to the inability to salvage them, we now lose out on the salvage materials.

Can’t you bring back the salvage option at the blacksmith’s?

Me? No, I’m not Bliz.

However, you can make the suggestion at the official DI discussion location on Reddit.

Oh, I thought you’re part of the dev team judging from your title lol. Sure thing I’ll bring this up there.

Posters whose text is green are MVPs (Most Valued Players) and are fellow players like you and me but that Blizzard have recognised as being particularly helpful. Whenever a Blizzard employee posts on the forums, their text is blue.

Hey. I just wanted to drop a line to say that when we purged our warband stash this evening, all the items that were not for my class were salvageable at the Blacksmith. I’m not sure if that was always possible, but it seems to be the case now.

I just had my Immortal reign end so I can’t test it on vault rewards until I’m an immortal again. If someone else is able, let us know!