Did you purposefully make a bad game?

Since you purposefully made a terrible server, I have to post this here. I typed “Hearth” into the search field and it didn’t come up.


Come on, seriously? No one enjoys the game right now. NO ONE. It’s either demon hunter BS because you released a class you NEVER (I stick with never because I used to think you once cared about gameplay) tested prior to release.

But that’s not the worst even. No. Ignore the fact the Demon Hunter class has seen MULTIPLE nerfs since release; why they hell did you do this?

But Demon Hunter isn’t even the worst thing to encounter in ladder by a longshot - that title goes to Priest.

“Hey, you know the deckbuilding process? Let’s make a whole a class where that isn’t a thing! Instead they just get the best cards for everything! Every single time! That’s fun!”
That’s very fun and interactive.

To clarify: Priest is by no means overpowered. Yet, it is excruciating, annoying, and disgusting to play against. Any company with the assumption of good faith would attend to this. It has been a topic of much conversation for months, and should be addressed.

Please, realize decency,

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You will need report this on the Hearthstone forum, which you can reach by going to the Hearthstone game page then selecting community -> forums from the menus. This is the API forum for people who develop third party apps and websites related to Blizzard products, so your rant won’t reach its target audience here.