Dialogue box doesn’t go away

The dialogue box (not message box) doesn’t go away - making it very difficult to see or play. They used to disappear automatically after a couple seconds. Now they just stay there. Until the next one shows. Really annoying.


Also having the dialogue box not disappearing.

Only way to get rid of it is to exit current characters game and re-enter the game. Unfortunately if you do so while in a party it forces you to leave, having to be re-invited.


I’m having the same issue. Closing out doesn’t even get rid of it and the dialogue box stays over my screen even if I open inventory or settings


I’m having the same issue too


Same here. Dialogue stays up entire game.


Found another way to close this permanent dialogue box by going to a vendor and opening their transaction screen and exiting said screen.

Also, I updated to the December 14th game update in the same day I upgraded iOS to 16.2. Not sure which (or both) is causing the bug.

Either way this issue needs to be fixed.


Same problem. Dialog boxes don’t disappear until exited the game or talk to a vendor.


Same issue for me. I tried redownloading everything too. You can close it if you talk to a shop person but every single lair that there is dialogue it stays up the whole time covering the lower half of the screen. So annoying


If anyone finds a fix for this problem please let me know


I have this same issue— it’s making it impossible to play or even access some menus.

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Have same issue. Please blizzard work on it


Want to add I am experiencing the same issue.

It’s awful when you play on a mobile device primarily and the amount of real estate these boxes take.

I mean after running the same dungeons over and over from normal to H6, I am 100% sure I don’t need a text box of myself speaking in the third person nor have the NPC dialog box pop up.

I am also confident that the game load would be faster if just the voice over was there…

Anyway I am sure this will fall on deaf ears of devs or anyone at Blizz/NetEase to remedy…


Came here to report this.

The last line of event/raid/quest dialog fails to clear and blocks UI (selecting equipment, “next” dialogs, pages, etc.)

In-game fix: find an NPC such as blacksmith as its dialog will clear it up.


I have the same issue as well. Started at a rift first but now I log out it disappears when I log in but first chance there is a dialogue it stays there, do not have the issue on pc only on mobile.

Same issue.

replied another thread as well.

I’m also having the same issue. For some reason it won’t go away unless I close the game out. However, when I come back in and it come up again from my interaction it stays up. We just became immortals and every time I open the immortal menu a lady talks and it doesn’t go away. If I interact with someone else in game, the box just gets replaced with a new one and stays… this is extremely frustrating trying to play.

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This box went away. If you’re immortal, in order for the box to go away, you have to contribute a point towards Dominance. I was having the dialogue box problem a few days ago but JT hasn’t seen to affected me now. Hope this helps anyone.

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As of 9:24am est, using iPhone, this issue still exists.

Just a friendly thought: Possibly create on/off choice in settings for dialogue box.
That’s the first thing I looked for when it happened.

Other than that, Diablo Immortal, like all other blizzard games, is great!

For me, it’s happening on “The Worldstone” server, but not happening on “Hadriel”.

Maybe a generic reply from tech would be better than none at all. Just to say, we might look into it at some point. :sleeping:

12/22: I was incorrect. It looks like it’s happening on Hadriel server as well.
This makes it impossible to play properly on an iPhone.
Thanks for the acknowledgement Blizzard.

Still no reply or resolution. Terrible! They’re a bunch of jive turkeys! I’ve stopped playing until a fix (not that they care.)
Playing UNDECEMBER atm.


I have the same problem. Its so annoying. I hope they know about it this bag

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I’m just not going to play until this is fixed. Super annoying.

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