Diablo2 Resurected(Remaster)

Here are a list of Ideas that can help make Diablo2 even beter

1Auction House!
Yes the Auction house in D3 failed but this will be the PRIME IMPORTANCE for Diablo2 because we dont want JSP making bot money and selling items for real money and programs as well Preftecting this AH will ensure that we dont have problems with bots.

2 8Player Set.
being able to make a game with 8player set will allow us to MF better and give us a better chance to farm at higher risk

3Corruption items
in a mod of diablo2(path of Diablo) Corruption was a stroke of genius

4Bigger Stashes
i like diablo3s mule stash idea use that if possible

5 maybe add some more bosses/maps like act6 a bridge between diablo2-3

but yea comment some ideas bellow and let me know what you think of mine.

No :-1:


Saying the auction house will fix d2jsp is like saying “I have a house infested with thousands of mice, I’m going to put in thousands of snakes in there to solve the problem”

Nah, there should be 8 players in the game to get the effect.

Agreed 100%


Nope, no need.

dude D2 JSP has been trolling this game to long time to take away the power and give it back to the game and the fact that they are making this from scratch it would give them a chance to make even more money rather then JSP Trolling making 1000 bots and selling the items to players its lame bro

I can objectively tell you that in the auction house days of D3, D2jsp was 3x more active than it already is. The auction house doesn’t solve anything, it only adds on to the problem and creates a bigger mess. The bots are not D2jsp’s fault, it’s the toxicity of the playerbase and Blizzard’s negligence. They don’t care about the game because it doesn’t make them any money.

Dude your comparing D3 Items to D2 ITEMS! d2 has one of the best item bases in RPG HISTORY!

think about that real quick

D2 has the best itemization in any ARPG, yes I agree. But that’s a completely different topic. The topic were discussing is the auction house and how it will get rid of d2jsp. It won’t. It will make things worse.

yes it will if the game makers can control the Market of selling items not only can you put them up like in WoW but you can sell them for lets just say “Souls” are the currency

you can put a Sol Rune up for “5souls” and then have it and use it to buy a 40s Sword for “5souls” or what not…you can put it in the waiting room(channel) and people will be hooked on farming it! then Bots will try to run it but if the staff is managing it correctly they can ban the bots. JSP dont care about botters so we got people running 1000+ bots and selling everything cheep on JSP GET RID OF JSP! and we can have a better Ladder Reset and it would be more fun that way.

it would work well dude the D3 AH failed and its mainly because the item base was not even close to D2

Diablo 2 is the best game ever made, all they have to do to is remake the exact same game with updated graphics and maybe add a couple acts , couple more chars, more items and runes and thats it, you got a masterpiece