Diablo Universe Legacy program

With the Diablo 2 Remaster announced, as well as Diablo IV, I feel this is something that would boost the Diablo Universe, a reason to play every Diablo game again and again.

What is this Legacy Program I’ve suggested? Well, simply put it’s a cosmetic system for your account, not just the game.

I would also make it timeline based for a few reasons. The big reason is that Diablo 2 doesnt have a transmog system and would require development. So let it start with the Diablo 2 timeline. Another reason is it stays within the story and timeline, so items may only go 1 way along the timeline.

What is my reasoning and thinking behind this idea? Well I really love my collections of items and characters, in the Diablo Universe, but also reminds me of my WoW days. I do miss them, and it’s a shame that those characters I’ve created, and the awesome gear I’ve collected, are just a digital memory that will pass into nothingness.

On the Blizzard side of this, the artists time of creating these beautiful pieces of armor, the powerful weapons, will get a chance to shine again. I would also suspect that the models could be transferred into into a single Legacy database, so nothing new to create on that side of it.

An easy example is the Legendary sword, Thunderfury, originally from WoW, has been brought into the Diablo Universe.

A new transmog window for Diablo 3, a Legacy tab, for all the Diablo 2 items, would be required. And I dont have any knowledge of how transmog is being implemented in Diablo IV, but to be able to give us access in some manner would be great.

One idea I have for Diablo IV, if it’s too difficult to implement on the character, how about with the mount. A special legacy mount, a horse, but to showcase past and current achievements. Pennants from Diablo 3, maybe the wings too, like a pegasus. Griswalds greatsword on a flank, a skull wearing a Diablo 3 helm.

So let’s reward the players, let us remember and showcade the hours upon hours of gameplay, the enemies defeated, and yes the painful grinds for those rare drops. Let us once again don our epic loot, visually at least, and for those without, a reason to venture back in time and create thier own legacy.

Thoughts and feedback welcome. Upvote and let’s see if we can get a Dev response.